Girls Grammar alumnae works feature in ‘New Woman’ exhibition

The Museum of Brisbane is currently displaying New Woman, an exhibition celebrating the lives of more than 80 Brisbane female artists from the past 100 years. The artists featured are a combination of trailblazers in developing the city’s art culture or are current leaders in their fields.

Six of the 80 artists are Girls Grammar alumnae: Catherine Bell (1986); Elisabeth Cummings (1952); Gwyn Hanssen-Pigott (1943); Jan Jorgensen (1960); Kathleen Shillam (1933); and Betty Quelhurst (1937).

The artworks include photography, sculpture, installation, painting and performance. The inclusion of Grammar Women’s art is an indication of the strength of Visual Art at the School.

Girls Grammar maintains a substantial fine arts collection, including works from four of the six exhibiting alumnae artists: Elisabeth Cummings (1952); Jan Jorgensen (1960); Gwyn Hanssen Pigott (1943); and Kathleen Shillam (1933).

This is testament to the substance of the School’s Art Collection and its commitment to supporting Girls Grammar alumnae.

New Woman will be showing at the Museum of Brisbane until Sunday 15 March 2019.

Ms Lorraine Thornquist
Manager of Collections