Grammar girls feel so lucky

Last week, while reflecting on the current climate, and brainstorming how they could communicate their recent experiences with the School community, the Year 12 Music Extension class was reminded of Lily Lau-Coombs’ song, Lucky.

Written and composed by Lily two years ago as part of the Year 10 Curriculum Music Aspire Project, the song—which is about seizing the day, and finding beauty in the world—is a timely reminder to enjoy the small moments and recognise the positives that have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucky is a song about gratitude and looking at the beauty in the world. It reminds us that even though we’ve been impacted by COVID-19, there is still so much to be thankful for, and things to look forward to.

‘We hope people enjoy the song, but more importantly, that they think about what it is they are grateful for at the moment—for me that is music.’

Lily says composing has always come naturally and she uses her music as a way to express herself.

‘I’m most creative on the days I’m feeling emotional—music is my outlet. I have a piano at home and I’ll often sit down and just play or compose something based on how I feel.

‘I’ve been playing a lot since COVID-19 impacted Australia and it’s helped me take my mind off things—it’s my own form of mindfulness—and I hope everyone has something like that to help them through this current crisis.’

Congratulations to Lily and the Year 12 Music Extension class on such a wonderfully composed and presented performance.