Year 9 Visual Art Installation Works—People’s Choice Awards

Year 9 Visual Art students celebrated the completion of Semester 1 with a non-assessed group sculptural project. Each group was challenged to use materials to build a three-dimensional installation work for display across Level 3 and 4 of the Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre.

The result of the People’s Choice Award for Best Installation was a tie between two installations, Nesting and The Harvest Bunches. Congratulations to Nesting group members, Ruby Hindman (9G), Aida Noran (9H), Grace Paschkewitz (9O) and Shreeya Patel (9M);  and The Harvest Bunches group, Miranda Carter (9L), Marley Seipel-Hong (9L) and Vivian Tran (9L). Well done to all Year 9 Visual Art students for their creative ingenuity and contribution to end-of-semester festivities.

Ms Hollie Hollie
Visual Art Teacher


The Harvest Bunches