da Vinci Decathlon 2019

This year, Girls Grammar entered five teams from Years 7 to 11 into the da Vinci Decathlon. The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition designed to challenge the minds of students across 10 disciplines: Art and Poetry; Cartography; Code Breaking; Creative Producers; English; Engineering; General Knowledge; Ideation; Mathematics and Science. Each team comprised eight students who worked collaboratively during the competition to solve problems, think innovatively and develop time management skills to solve problems. This year’s theme was Landscapes.

On Tuesday 28 May 2019, the Years 9, 10 and 11 teams accompanied by Year 11 Team Coach, Ms Lesley Roy, Year 10 Team Coach, Ms Gay Burnett and Year 9 Team Coach, Ms Kathryn Talbot, travelled to A.B. Patterson College to compete in the Queensland Senior State event.

On Thursday 30 May 2019, the competition continued with Year 7 and 8 teams accompanied by Year 7 Coach, Mrs Catherine Clemot, and Year 8 Coach, Mrs Alison Carmichael, travelling to St Joseph’s Nudgee College for the Queensland Junior State event.

Congratulations to all girls and a special mention to the Year 11 Team comprising Tiarne Graves (11L), Abbey Grice (11E), Lua Jarrah (11B), Charlotte Robinson (11B), Matina Samios (11W), Eva Seet (11B), Bridgette Watkins (11R) and Ashley Zhang (11O), on placing first and being named the 2019 Queensland State champions. Well done to the Year 9 Team who place third overall.

Teams placed in the top three for the following disciplines:

Year 7 Team

Science                                 3rd

Year 8 Team

Code breaking                   3rd
Ideation                              3rd

Year 9 Team

Mathematics                     1st
Code Breaking                   3rd

Year 11 Team

Art and Poetry                  1st
Engineering                       1st
English                                1st
Science                               1st
Cartography                       2nd
Creative Producers           2nd
Code breaking                   3rd

Mrs Valerie Miller
Coordinator of Clubs and Activities