Future Problem Solving

Planning for our Future

Last week, Girls Grammar students attended a successful Future Problem Solving QLD Resource Day on Human Environmental Impact in the BGGS Science Learning Centre’s (SLC) Louise McDonald Room. They were joined by 120 other students from South East Queensland, including the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

BGGS and BGS students—who have been working together all year—are preparing for the upcoming FPS National Qualification booklet competition in August, and the event gave us a real boost for our research on this complex topic.

Future Problem Solving Deputy National Director, Mrs Nicky Desoe, welcomed guest speakers, including Queensland Department of Environmental Science Principal Scientist (Remote Sensing), Ms Deanna van den Berg, Environmental Manager, Ms Sally Croker, from the UK-based civil engineering company Jacobs, and RES Environmental Manager, Mr Garry Hamilton, who manages six wind turbine projects in Central Queensland.

Students recorded copious detailed notes, cognisant of the importance of the day for their learning and the significance of this timely topic of Human Environmental Impact. Students were also reminded to collaborate to find solutions using technology, linking perfectly to the goals of FPS and our current topic.

Attendees were provided with an excellent grounding for the topic of Human Environmental Impact. We briefly reviewed the six-step FPS process and gave students an hour to try out a practice future scene.

Ms Lesley Roy
Future Problem Solving Coach

Mrs Nicki Desoe, FPS Deputy National Director presenting to Future Problem Solvers