Day-in-the-life: Year 7s at Marrapatta

Macadamia Marks the Spot

As we welcomed Year 7 Woolcock to connect with the Marrapatta campus for the first time this week, I paused to reflect on a day in the life of a Year 7 student. Let me take you on a journey of their experiential learning in the outdoors, nestled in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland on Kabi Kabi Country.

Discover hidden clues, complete team challenges, navigate your way by map and compass with your friends, as you explore and connect with the beautiful natural surroundings of the Marrapatta campus. All this in a day—day two to be exact—as Year 7 experience a plethora of opportunities to ‘Thrive‘ during their Outdoor Education program on Team Challenge Day!

Team Challenge Day is like a game of Jumanji, with clues hidden in riddles that give Year 7 students experience solving problems, showing their thinking, and working together to navigate their way across the campus. Success comes when they work together to complete tasks at stations, earning their next clue from the staff before they move on, free to explore, discover, and thrive.

The students conclude their day (details of which are top secret!) camping overnight at the onsite campsite. Sitting under the stars, they enjoy their chocolate mousse for dessert as they reflect on their day together before retiring to their tents to recharge for the next day. Tomorrow is another adventure-packed day with an opportunity to soar to new heights.


Mrs Anna Martin
Outdoor Education Teacher

Kate Hussey (7W), Salma Msalem (7W), Amelia Wang (7W), Alex McCredie (7W) and Leah Huang (7W)