From the Deputy Principal (Academic): Remote Learning

The School converted its teaching and learning to a remote form of delivery from Tuesday 3 August. Such delivery is contingent on a greater degree of organisation and independent learning from our students. We are very confident that our students will once again rise to meet this challenge. Specific communication was sent to Year 7 students earlier this week about remote learning. Subject coordinators and teachers will ensure that their transition to this remote space will be as smooth as possible.

The staff have continued to work creatively to design modified curriculum offerings in anticipation of another COVID-19 related school closure. Minerva, our learning management system, will again provide the bedrock of our remote learning curriculum. This is supported by other online platforms such as Minerva’s Chat, Video Conferencing, and email as appropriate. Subject-specific home pages have remote learning modules embedded in them and are ready for use.

Every assistance will be given to the students as they move from on-campus to remote learning. Students have been emailed the daily timetable that will be used during this quarantine period. Initially, staff will touch base at the beginning of each lesson via ZOOM. They will establish expectations with classes, and a natural rhythm of interaction and communication will emerge. Lessons will be conducted according to the principles of differentiated lesson practice and will not comprise end on end ZOOM sessions. Such an approach would not be in accord with optimal educational practice.

Attention will be given to the impact this potentially prolonged round of remote learning will have on assessment. No doubt, some challenges lie ahead. We remain confident that we have the remote learning strategies to optimise our students’ learning during this difficult time.

Dr Bruce Addison
Deputy Principal (Academic)