Architecture Project

Last year in Design and Digital Technologies, Year 9 students completed a new unit on architecture. The project was different from any unit we had done before, which was very refreshing and allowed us to explore another creative side of design.

To complete the project, we had to design and make a prototype of a gaming centre in groups of two to three people. The main criteria ensured that we had a maximum of two floors, a sprite that we would use to represent the theme of the arcade that we designed, and at least four rooms/spaces which included a video game multi-player area, a café, toilets, and a socialising area.

Brielle and I decided to add an outdoor area and quiet space to enhance our building. It was great having that creative freedom that you don’t usually see as much in other DDT units.

Working in a group also allowed us to combine our ideas and learn how to come to final decisions about a design that we both liked. We could collaborate and share without having to specifically choose one idea. We also learned a range of new skills—our teachers taught us how to program and use a 3D printer, and design and construct prototypes and models of our design. We were challenged to design a gaming arcade that was accessible, fun, and had complex and intricate features.

We used materials such as Styrofoam, cutting knives and cutting boards, clay, and 3D printers in tech classrooms to complete our models. This assignment gave me and Eliza a real-life experience in design and architecture, just like professional designers and engineers.

Overall, this architecture unit was enlightening, and we had a lot of fun. Eliza and I would recommend this unit for future years as it taught us many new skills and helped us gain a perspective of what architecture may be like for us in the future.

Brielle Porter (10O) and Eliza Prescott (10G)

Brielle Porter (10O) and Eliza Prescott (10G)