Design Guest Lecture Series

Following on from lectures earlier this term, the Technologies Faculty invited two more industry professionals to present to senior Design students.

On Monday 18 March 2019, Dr Michael Banney from m3architecture discussed numerous specialty fields of design in architecture. Dr Banney shared his knowledge of the design process and approaches for students to consider when conceiving ideas to lead their project work. Grammar Woman and graduate architect, Ms Eliza Panizza (2011), also shared her insights into innovative design processes from her recent tertiary studies.

Last Friday, Mr Alexander Lotersztain, Founder of the multi-disciplinary design studio, Derlot, spent the morning with Year 11 Design students. Mr Lotersztain shared a broad range of Derlot’s design solutions, highlighting to students the importance of collaboration in the design process. Mr Lotersztain spoke of his passion and advocacy for sustainable and environmental design responsibility, and his interest in future manufacturing processes and reducing climate change.

Both talks were inspiring, providing advice on design careers and exploring the interconnectedness of design in all areas of industry and culture. The talks emphasised a realistic view of professional working life and exposed the various industry experiences that await students in their future careers.

The Technologies Faculty sincerely thanks all industry leaders who gave up their time to impart their expertise to our students and staff.

Mr Brendon Thomas
Director of Technologies

Mr Alexander Lotersztain, Founder of the multi-disciplinary design studio, Derlot.