Design Guest Lecture

Throughout the year, the Technologies Faculty invites professional leaders to present to our senior Digital Solutions and Design students. On Monday, Interior Designer and Director of jmid, Ms Jane McConnell, presented the design process behind the newly renovated Southern Cross Austereo studios for Triple-M and Hit105 at The Barracks, Petrie Terrace.

Ms McConnell’s lecture was tailored to Year 11’s current Experiencing Design unit. The lecture provided an authentic opportunity to hear how professional designers gauge stakeholders’ ideas and utilise their design thinking decision-making skills to create innovative new spaces. Ms McConnell discussed narrative-based designing vs technical-based designing and the importance of gathering, processing, and synthesising information and then delivering it to a client.

The annual Technologies lecture series aims to inspire and provide students with insight and advice on design and digital careers, and the interconnectedness of design and digital technologies in all areas of industry and culture.

The Technologies Faculty thank Ms McConnell for imparting her expertise with our students and staff.

Mr Brendon Thomas
Director of Technologies Faculty