Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Guest Speaker

Last week, Year 11 and 12 Digital Solutions students had the privilege of hearing from Grammar woman, Imogen Low (2015). Imogen is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of NWO.ai, a global trend casting platform that uses predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify important trends before they emerge. The AI startup was established in New York after receiving USD $3.5 million (AUD 4.5 million) in initial seed funding. Imogen has previously worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for SAP and is also a Westpac Young Technologist Scholar.

As a young female entrepreneur in the AI space, Imogen spoke to students about various topics: AI; machine learning; entrepreneurship; and the importance and versatility of solid computer science education.

During her talk, Imogen highlighted self-motivation, the independent pursuit of knowledge, and agile development of new technical skills to effectively respond to changing trends and emerging opportunities as critical in accelerating the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, which in turn will provide jobs and pathways for today’s students and budding entrepreneurs.

Imogen identified the vast and diverse opportunities that students may consider when exploring individual interests during studies, and leveraging their enthusiasm for innovation and growth in a wide range of sectors within the technology industry.

Girls Grammar students were able to draw a strong correlation to the current Digital Solutions syllabus and some of the critical skills required to develop products such as the NWO.ai business solution.

Imogen also reminded girls of the support she received while at BGGS, which helped her realise her technical entrepreneurial ambitions. During Imogen’s time at Girls Grammar, she developed an innovative application that won her the Young ICT Explorers prize, quickly followed by both the National iAwards and an Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award.

Finally, Imogen discussed the importance of having strong female voices in the future of technology innovation, and encouraging students to leverage confidence borne of competence to cement female authorship in this foundational sector of our collective future.

Mrs Maggie Golawska-Loye
Head of Curriculum Development and Digital Technology Studies