From the Technologies Classroom

Senior Technologies students have had many opportunities to learn from industry professionals during the first few weeks of Term 2, both in the classroom and through external events.

Interior design visit—Triple M and Hit105

On Thursday 16 May, the Year 11 Design cohort were invited to visit the newly fitted-out Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) studios for Triple-M and Hit105 at The Barracks, Petrie Terrace. Led by Founder and Director of interior design studio JMID, Ms Jane McConnell, the guided tour was a unique opportunity to learn about how professional designers gauge ideas for stakeholders and utilise their design thinking and decision-making skills to create innovative new spaces.

Ms McConnell spoke to students about a broad range of considerations that influence interior designing, including her approach to biophilic design styling, noise attenuation, event lighting and most importantly, how the design layout for SCA needed to create openings for a wide variety of workplace and community activities.

The site visit was a rewarding activity that aligned to students’ current assessment unit, which encompasses the refurbishment of several offices at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. For the assignment, our young designers will investigate a broad range of opposing ideas and, utilising their divergent and convergent thinking skills, learn how to balance aesthetic, cultural, economic, social and technical aspects for interior designing.

Mr Brendon Thomas
Director of Technologies


Girls Power Tech Global Mentoring Initiative—CISCO visit

Four senior Technologies students— Alexia Georgas (11B), Grace Robinson (11E), Claire Saggers (11O) and Lauren Stacey (11L)—attended the Girls Power Tech Global Mentoring Initiative event organised by CISCO this week. The day was filled with engaging activities and presentations in the field of Technologies.

Students had the opportunity to listen to IT industry professionals, young entrepreneurs and university students with an Engineering focus. Additionally, the Robotics Playground team provided students with a diverse range of robotic systems to explore in order to inspire curiosity about and understanding of how and why things work. The girls familiarised themselves with various mechanical and electrical components, and the powerful disruption these technologies, when combined, will have on our collective future. A challenging maze race provided an engaging opportunity to deploy advanced sensor technologies alongside near-proximity remote systems control techniques.

Students rolled out their computational thinking skills when Micromelon Robotics, a Brisbane based startup team, challenged them to program robots using Python code in a fun workshop.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was when the girls had the opportunity to freelance with an accomplished group of female Engineering students from Griffith University in conjunction with Cisco employees.

Grace Robinson (11E) reported:

The highlight of my day was listening and chatting to all the women within the technology industry. I learned a lot about the possible avenues I could take, emerging career paths like mechatronics and, most interestingly, I learned that not all jobs within the industry are solely code-based.

The mentoring session provided the girls with a keen perspective on the highlights and significant future pathways our students would enjoy in this diverse field of enterprise.

Mrs Maggie Golawska-Loye
Senior Curriculum Development—Technologies

Lauren Stacey (11L), Alexia Georgas (11B), Claire Saggers (11O) and Grace Robinson (11E) at the Girls Power Tech Global Mentoring Initiative.

Alexia Georgas (11B) and Lauren Stacey (11L) speak with an industry professional.