Grammar Girls Participate in State Robotics Competition

This Saturday, Anna Butler (10G), Johanna Conomos (10W), Zoe Pearson (10O), Sandra Jiang (10W) and Abigail Woodcock (10W) will be competing at the Queensland Regional Robotics competition.

The event will host 32 schools from South East Queensland, competing in a sports-like rivalry where teams go head-to-head in a series of qualifying matches leading to the finals.

BGGS has progressed remarkably well over the past two terms. Head coach, Mr Darren Pearson, has been instrumental in mentoring and guiding the team’s progress.

Abigail Woodcock (10W) making components for the robots

Brisbane Grammar School will also join us at the tournament with their two robots. This week, both schools will continue to share their experiences, expertise and ideas to fine-tune all three entries. Across the two schools there have been many weekends, holidays and afternoons spent working on complex problems and solution finding. The students’ persistence to experiment, test, make and create working solutions is a credit to all involved.

This season’s competition brief is ‘Ultimate Goal’ and it has a strong sport focus: ‘In any sport, we use our minds—our creativity, imagination, and critical thinking—as much as we use our muscles. This robotics season challenge theme represents the potential in all of us to redefine the game and exceed our team and personal potentials through the only sport where every kid can go pro.’

Successful teams will earn themselves a place at the national competition taking place later this year.

Mr Brendon Thomas
Director of Technologies

Brisbane Grammar School's robot prototype