Wesley Healthcare Careers Day

On Thursday 17 October, Olivia Bisset (11O), Kate Cosgrove (11W), Matina Samios (11W), Saee Sane (11O) and Ashley Zhang (11O) attended the Wesley Healthcare Careers Day. The girls were captivated by presentations from Acting General Manager of the Wesley Hospital, Ms Cheryl Clayton, and Medical Director of the Wesley Palliative Care Service, Dr Ralph McConaghy.

A panel of Allied Health professionals including physiotherapists, pharmacists, radiographers, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, dietitians, and nurses, provided students with valuable insight into their careers.

The clinical skills lab rotations component allowed students to learn how to monitor blood pressure, inject insulin and bath babies using training mannequins. The girls had a wonderful time and reported that the day helped in broadening their outlook on possible careers.

‘I had such a great time. The careers day was informative and I learned so much about the range of professions in the healthcare industry.’ —Kate Cosgrove (11W)

‘I enjoyed gaining insight from leading health specialists through the Q&A sessions and the clinical activities helped me understand more of the everyday tasks completed by Allied Health professionals.’ —Matina Samios (11W)

‘Listening to healthcare professionals was helpful in gaining insight into their careers and the challenges of their roles. Dr Ralph McConaghy’s speech on palliative care and the challenges he faced made me think deeply about why I want to enter the medical field. The range of speakers assisted me greatly in planning for my future.’ — Ashley Zhang (11O)

Ms Louise Walls
Director of Tertiary Pathways

Olivia Bisset (11O), Saee Sane (11O) and Ashley Zhang (11O)