Year 12 September School Holidays Study Retreats

During the September school holiday period, the School will offer optional Study Retreats to support Year 12 students in their preparations for the external exam period in Term 4. Having completed the Mock Exams at the end of Term 3, and with the External Exam period commencing in Week 4 of Term 4, many Year 12 students will wish to continue to work on their exam preparation at some point during the holiday period.

The School will be offering two options of retreats—one on-site at the BGGS Spring Hill Campus, the other at Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre (Marrapatta).

Marrapatta Study Retreat

On the Marrapatta Study Retreat, students will be encouraged to complete individual study sessions each day in the peaceful surrounds of the Mary Valley, complemented by daily physical activities, good sleep and nutritious food.

The Marrapatta Study Retreat will run from Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October. The Study Retreat can accommodate a maximum of 40 students. Expressions of interest will be called for at the start of Week 3, Term 3.

Spring Hill Study Sessions

From Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October, Spring Hill Study Sessions will be available to all Year 12 students. These will be held in the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre (RLC) at the BGGS Spring Hill campus.

The program aims to provide structure and routine for students and quality supervision as students work on their assessment preparation. Students will have additional academic support from Study Supervisors with specialised knowledge in their disciplines.

This program will be offered over five days, with two study sessions per day:

• Study Session 1: 9 am to 12 pm
• Lunch Break: 12 pm to 1 pm
• Study Session 2: 1 pm to 4 pm.

Students are welcome to attend one or both sessions each day. They will not be required to sign up for the full five days.
Additional details regarding the Study Retreats will be provided during Term 3.

Mrs Anne Ingram
Deputy Principal