Year 12 Tutorial Program

With Year 12 students commencing their final weeks of schooling prior to undertaking the External Examinations, the School has established a program for students to study and receive targeted revision.

To help with final preparations before External Examinations commence on Monday 26 October 2020, girls’ timetables will have two distinct parts:

Part 1: From Week 1, Term 4 to Wednesday 14 October (mid Week 2)

  • Normal classroom lessons and usual timetable

Part 2: Thursday 15 October (mid Week 2) to Friday 23 October (end Week 3)—Tutorial Program

  • The finalised Tutorial Program was released to Year 12 girls this week; however, I wish to provide an overview of the Program.

Tutorial Program

  1. Year 12 students are required to attend school each day from House Group to the start of lunch.
  2. From lunch, Year 12 girls may choose to leave school or stay and continue studying within a designated study venue.
  3. During Periods 1 to 4 subject specific tutorials will be offered, supported by teachers of the various subjects. An independent study venue will also be accessible.
  4. Year 12 students must attend a tutorial or study session in each of the Period 1 to 4 timeslots.
  5. Students can choose which subject specific tutorial session to attend based upon their revision requirements.

Examination Venue
With the opening of the new Science building, all External Examinations will be held in the Science Learning Centre. The lower levels provide suitable spaces to hold examinations for the cohort as a whole, as well as having more secluded areas for those with approved AARA. This venue allows for a quiet space, away from disturbances and/or disruptions.

More information regarding the examination venue will be shared with Year 12 students next week.

We trust that the girls find the Tutorial Program beneficial and that it will allow them to approach their final round of assessments well prepared and confident.

Mr James Keogh
Dean of Students