Security Tools for Families

There are many tools and software packages available that enable parents to control and monitor the use of their daughter’s technology.

The School’s IT Department recommends the following software for families:

Norton Family: helps your children explore, learn and enjoy their connected world safely. This software can help children balance time spent online, ensures the Internet is safer, and teaches habits to prevent sharing of information with others online. Norton Family is available for Windows, iPhone and Android (not available for MAC).

Net Nanny: A leader in their field for a number of years, Net Nanny offers software to manage the use of your daughter’s devices, with control settings being managed by a parent via the management portal. This software is available for MAC, Windows, iPhone, and Android.

Ourpact (Free): This software allows parents to control the availability of apps on an iPhone or Android phone according to a schedule, or for a certain timeframe.