Second Chance Christmas Giving Tree

Each year, the Second Chance Service Group encourage the BGGS community to brighten the lives of women and children through a Christmas Giving Tree. This initiative provides gifts to young women and children who may not ordinarily receive any gifts at all.

Gifts will be sent to the Bahloo Women’s Youth Shelter, Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre, and Cherished Home For Young Mums.

Students can participate by visiting the tree on Level 1 of the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre. Beside the tree there are posters containing tags, each with different present suggestions. Students should:

  1. choose a tag from the poster and fill in their details on the poster.
  2. shop for that gift
  3. wrap the present or place it in a gift bag. It can be a nice touch to include a card with a message of hope inside the wrapping.
  4. attach the tag to the gift so it can be delivered to the correct recipient, and place it under the tree by Friday of Week 7.

We hope to make this Christmas special for those in need.

Bridget Morton (12B) and Abigail Lui (12O)