Service Update

Last Friday, members of the Grammar Environment and Conservation Organisation (GECO) welcomed Dr Tobias Smith from Bee Aware, to examine the bees in the BGGS hive.

We witnessed the opening of the beehive, activity inside the hive and tasted honey. Unfortunately, there were not enough bees to split the hive so it has been taped and strapped back together. We look forward to inviting Dr Smith back to Girls Grammar in September, and hope that our hive will then be ready to split in two.

On Saturday we held this year’s first Grammar Goes Green at the Spring Hill campus. We spent the afternoon potting jade plants that will be sold at Open Day, as well as revitalising the green wall outside the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre. We also considered the best placement for our landfill, recycling and ‘containers for change’ bins around the School. We encourage families to bring in their eligible containers from home and place them in the purple bins (with yellow lids) that are located in the Japanese Garden. Funds raised from the containers for change scheme will go toward the maintenance and expansion of the native bee project.

All in blue, we’re here for you.

Gia Cayas (12G) and Eve Seet (12B)
2020 Service Captains

Dr Smith explains the process of splitting the hive.

The bee hive once split.