Service Update

With such uncertainty and significant change in our lives, it is reassuring to see positive actions happening in our community as we reflect and spend more time together.

Twenty-six Year 10 students have registered for The Smith Family’s Student-to-Student Buddy Reading Program. These girls will read online texts with children The Smith Family supports, to help improve the children’s reading skills.

While Modified Rugby Program games cannot be played due to the current climate, six students from Years 10 to 12 are assisting Gingercloud Foundation in a content development workshop. Our PlayerMentors are participating in Zoom meetings to help Gingercloud enhance connections with their community.

Progressing with the School’s Community Service Program is very difficult at this point in time. In the interim, I encourage students to think about how to be kind and thoughtful to others in their community. Keep in mind that we are encouraged to stay at home, maintain social distancing, and follow good hygiene practices.

Over the coming weeks, you could:

  • support those in aged care—make a phone call, send artwork or letters to someone you know, or to someone who staff think might benefit from receiving a surprise in the post. Students can also register with the Care Army, a Queensland Government initiative, for people wanting to help older people living in their community
  • donate food supplies to the Romero Centre
  • send a postcard to a foster child through the PJ Foundation
  • subscribe to GIVIT’s newsletter—every week they have requests for items, large and small, for those in need in Brisbane suburbs
  • join the Food Army to make meals and treats for those working in front line medical positions. Anzac Biscuits could be a timely choice.
  • explore ways to connect with your House Charity.

If students do participate in any service-related activities they should log their time and record their thinking as part of their Reflective Task. Now is a time of great change. Let’s try something new to make a difference in someone else’s life.

All of the Community Service documents are on the Year 10 and Senior Community Service pages on Minerva. Stay in contact, stay safe, and stay at home.

Mrs Lynne Mungomery
Director of Service