Service Update: School Charity

Year 10 students have made a very positive start to their Community Service program.

This year, 16 students have committed to the Student to Student buddy reading program, while others are seeking opportunities that suit their strengths and interests. We have had the pleasure of hearing presentations from Megan Elliott, discussing Ginger Cloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program, and Stephanie Carter (2007), sharing about her passion for international development. Both women offered students inspiring messages of the transformative power of Service.
During this week’s assembly, Service Captains, Jillian Campbell (12O) and Sierra Reza (12G), announced Share the Dignity as the School Charity for 2021.

Share the Dignity is an Australian charity, based in Brisbane, that aims to make a practical difference to women and girls experiencing hardship or homelessness by giving them access to period products. Period poverty is increasingly recognised as a serious issue and it is estimated that it affects over 1 million Australians. As this year’s Young Australian of the Year, Isobel Marshall has said, ‘Periods should not be a barrier to education. They should not cause shame, and menstrual products should be accessible and affordable.’

In a recent visit to the charity, the volunteers at Share the Dignity mentioned that often people are reluctant to donate sanitary items, yet they are the first thing to be taken by people in need. Share the Dignity is looking for our practical help as well as fundraising support to assist with deliveries to remote communities.

Through our connection with Share the Dignity we hope that Grammar girls will make informed decisions with respect to their own health, and help bring dignity to those experiencing period poverty in Australia, by improving their access to products and education programs.

Mrs Lynne Mungomery
Director of Service

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, with Foundation Day guest speaker, Stephanie Carter (2007), and Service Captains Jillian Campbell (12O) and Sierra Reza (12G)

Students at the Second Chance fundraising bake stall on Valentine's Day

Second Chance volunteers at the International Women's Day fundraiser