White Blouse Day

On Wednesday 19 May, BGGS acknowledged White Blouse Day in support of the O’Connor House Charity, Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation. This foundation aims to raise awareness and funding for better prevention and treatment for gynaecological cancers. Our goal for the day was to acknowledge the deadly impact of these cancers, remembering those currently suffering and the many lives lost to this silent killer. We wished to recognise the power of our voices in destigmatising women’s health issues and encouraging self-care in our community.

To do this, each student removed their blue tie from their white blouse and tied a white ribbon to the railings in the Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre. The sea of white ribbons demonstrated our dedication to this worthy cause and the significance of community engagement in raising awareness. O’Connor House plans to continue our active and passionate support of the foundation through the sales of our House brownies on Open Day on Friday 30 July.

Hanna Hussain (12O) and Juliette Thottunkel (12O)
O’Connor House Service Captains

Students tying white ribbons around the campus in recognition of White Blouse Day

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, with O’Connor House Service Captains, Juliet Thottunkall (12O) and Hanna Hussain (12O), and Service Captains, Sierra Reza (12H) and Jillian Campbell (12O)