BGGS Sports Update

I trust all in our community are looking forward to the re-commencement of the BGGS Sports Program. Specific details for sports will be published in Daily Notices and News on Minerva.

For Hockey, Tennis and Volleyball, girls are asked to sign on again for Term 3 trials, even if they have done so previously. Sign on will close at 9 am, Monday 15 June.

Information regarding Netball trials is available on Minerva. Sign on is not required, as trials had already commenced, or were completed for some Year levels in Term 1.

Badminton sign on has also opened for Term 3, and there will be Fencing development training in Term 3 and 4 for interested fencers.

General fitness training will continue next week, on Monday and Wednesday at 6.50 am in small groups. Girls interested in the sessions should meet on the Green Floor. The pool will also be open next week for fitness swimming sessions on the following days: Tuesday 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm; Wednesday 7 am to 8 am; and Friday 7 am to 8 am. Land training for Rowing is now underway too.

Ms Jo Duffy
Director of Sport