BSRA Regatta 1 Report

The first regatta of the BSRA season was an extremely successful day for the BGGS rowing community, with many outstanding performances on the water. Our large cohort of rowers entered 27 crews in the competition, which included two senior eights, one senior four, four Year 10 quads, eight Year 9 quads, eight Year 8 quads and five single sculls. This resulted in 12 podium finishes, which included three first places, three second places and six third places, equating to a very successful day. All results can be found here.

I am extremely proud of the girls, their coaches and the parent power of our rowing community for all the efforts that went into preparing for this regatta.

Year 8

All eight Year 8 crews put on a fine display of rowing in their first BSRA regatta, rowing together in sync and steering a straight course down Wyaralong Dam.

Our Year 8 2nd Quad placed second: Lucy Williamson (8W), Lucinda de Medici (8L), Ruby Prance (8G), Harper Hammer (8M) and Charlotte Parker (8L).

Our Year 8 3rd quad placed third: Pollyanna Pearson (8O), Rose Baumgart (8H), Amelia (Millie) Walsh (8B), Isabelle Bamber (8O) and Ariel Hundloe (8L).

Our Year 8 5th quad placed third: Trish Chow (8H), Alyse Stewart (8E), Luella Prenzler (8E), Sophie Morrison (8H) and Annie Liu (8B).

Our Year 8 6th quad placed fifth in Division 6/7/8, resulting in a third place among their Division 6 competitors: Freya Smith (8E), Allegra Matthews (8H), Zoe Harding-Smith (8M), Bianca Nicol (8M) and Marley Seipel-Hong (8L).

Our Year 8 7th quad placed fourth in Division 6/7/8, resulting in a second place amongst the Division 7 crews: Jemima Saddler (8H), Piper Dean (8O), Matilda Fennon (8W), Hannah Marks (8G) and Cara Battaglia (8H).

Congratulations to these competitors.

Year 9

Our eight Year 9 crews were very competitive with many crews finishing in the top four positions of the 10 BSRA crews. They demonstrated teamwork and determination to post strong results after some of the cohort returned from their Outdoor Education program the evening before.

Congratulations to our Year 9 single sculler, Mary Comiskey (9B), who placed second.

Our Year 9 5th quad placed third: Alice Barker (9G), Tammy Boden (9B), Sophia Zhuang (9M), Adelaide Chalmers (9B) and Betty Smith (9M).

Year 9 7th quad placed eighth in the combined Division 6/7/8, resulting in a third place among their Division 7 competitors: Ella Munro (9E), Alice Vaughan (9O), Anna Stevens (9B) and Natia Meyers (9H) and Sarah Hopkins (10B).

Year 9 8th quad placed 10th in the combined Division 6/7/8, resulting in a first place within Division 8. Congratulations to Kate Rollason (9W), Isabella Peters (9E), Emily Page (9E), Olivia Patane (9O) and Kirra Thapar (9W).

Well done to our Year 9 athletes.

Year 10

One of the highlights of the event was the Year 10 first quad who dominated the field, winning the race with a convincing three-second margin. Well done to the crew of Nancy Duncan-Banks (10E), Tylah Hutton (10B), Sophie Lucas (10O), Nellie Tilbury (10G) and Emily Hirst (10G), coached by Blaine Haseltine. Our Year 10 2nd to 4th crews all finished just outside the podium in strong fields.


All Open crews demonstrated potential, with improved results from 2018. Both eights finished just outside the podium and have their eye on the dais next week.
Our open scullers were outstanding with Elizabeth MacPherson (11L) placing first in the Year 11 single scull, and Kirsten Viljoen (12E) placing third.

The second regatta of the season will be hosted by St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School and St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, and will be held this Saturday 3 August 2019. The draw is available on the BSRA website and the Rowing Queensland website.

Best wishes to all 23 crews and five scullers racing on Saturday.

Ms Sally Callie
Rowing Coordinator

Year 8 5th quad: Annie Liu (8B), Trish Chow (8H), Alyse Stewart (8E), Luella Prenzler (8E) and Sophie Morrison (8H).

Harper Hammer (8M), Charlotte Parker (8L), Ruby Prance (8G), and Lucinda de Medici (8L).

Year 8 3rd quad: Amelia (Millie) Walsh (8B), Isabelle Bamber (8O), Rose Baumgart (8H), Ariel Hundloe (8L) and Pollyanna Pearson (8O).

Year 9 5th quad: Tammy Boden (9B), Sophia Zhuang (9M), Alice Barker (9G), Adelaide Chalmers (9B) and Betty Smith (9M).

The Year 8 6th quad: Freya Smith (8E), Allegra Matthews (8H), Marley Seipel-Hong (8L) Bianca Nicol (8M) and Zoe Harding-Smith (8M).

The Year 8 7th quad: Cara Battaglia (8H), Matilda Fennon (8W), Jemima Saddler (8H), Piper Dean (8O) and Hannah Marks (8G).

Year 9 7th quad: Anna Stevens (9B), Natia Meyers (9H). Ella Munro (9E) and Sarah Hopkins (10B).

Year 9 8th quad: Kate Rollason (9W), Olivia Patane (9O), Kira Thapar (9W), Emily Page (9E) and Isabella Peters (9E).

Year 9 single sculler, Mary Comiskey (9B).