Cross Country Camp

During the School holidays, 75 students attended the annual Cross Country Camp at the School’s Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre. The camp provided an opportunity for students to train, and improve their fitness and competitive mindset. Head Coach, Mr Tim Franklin, encouraged girls to be ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ and push their limits. Over the three days, students completed four high-intensity training sessions that challenged them individually and as a team.

It may not be immediately apparent, but Cross County is the ultimate team sport. It’s a sport where all team members are performing the same task, at the same time, for the same goal. The scoring at the QGSSSA competition is based on each age group’s performance. An age group’s points are tabulated by adding the finishing places of the top five runners. The School with the lowest score wins. All runners in the team are important—every competing athlete encourages their teammates and strives to finish ahead of other Schools to benefit the team’s overall performance.

With only three weeks until the QGSSSA competition, squad members are encouraged to attend all lead-up meets to improve their race skills and performance to gain selection in the 2021 Cross Country team.

Upcoming Cross Country Meets

BGGS Invitational Meet—Tuesday 27 April
The BGGS Invitational Meet will be held at Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre at Fig Tree Pocket. A bus will depart BGGS at 3.15 pm, and all girls are to arrange private transport home at 5.30 pm. Thank you to all parents who have volunteered to assist.

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School Meet—Saturday 1 May
This is a rescheduled event to be held at Sherwood Arboretum. The event will commence at 8.15 am and conclude by 10.15 am. Private transport is to be arranged to and from the venue.

Rivermount College—Tuesday 4 May
The final lead-up meet will be held on the QGSSSA course at Rivermount College, Yatala. A bus will depart BGGS at 2.30 pm and return to the School at approximately 7 pm.

QGSSSA Championship—Saturday 15 May
All squad members will depart BGGS at 6.30 am. The carnival will be held at Rivermount College and commence at 8.30 am and conclude with presentations at 11.30 am. Family and friends are welcome to attend. More information about the meet, including the course map, can be found on Minerva.

Metropolitan North Cross Country—Tuesday 25 May
Nominations are currently open for those wishing to trial for the Met North team. All girls wishing to nominate are to see Ms Taylor in the HPE staffroom for nomination forms.

Mrs Kate McCarthy
Cross Country Coordinator