Cross Country Update

On Tuesday 19 March 2019, Brisbane State High School hosted their annual Cross Country meet at Yeronga Memorial Park. The 3km course was somewhat challenging with many hills, hot conditions and tough competition.

Below is a list of the girls who placed in the top five of their age group. All results can be found on Parent Portal.



12 Years 13 Years 14 Years 15 Years 16 Years 17 Years
1 Jemima Morton (7M) 11:27 Phoebe Oliver (7G) 12:29 Amelia Hunt (9O) 11:03 Poppy Gouldson (9M) 11:58 Lucinda Sherman (11M) 11:48 Isabella Murdoch (12E) 12:07
2 Usha Thakur (7W) 11:50 Amelia Walsh (8B) 12:30 Esther McDade (8H) 12:04 Emma Greenwood (9R) 12:13 Sabine Hatzipetrou (10M) 12:22 Fiona Brown (11G) 12:28
3 Zara Davis (7R) 13:53 Erin Appleyard (8W) 12:44 Tia Fitzpatrick (9M) 12:35 Caitlin Brittain (10M) 12:19 Annabelle Hill (10B) 12:23 Eliza Baulch (12L) 12:32
4 Georgia Somerville (7G) 14:34 Darcy Basford (7H) 12:51 Lily Counsell (9L) 12:47 Ellyn Hill (10H) 12:29 Gia Cayas (11G) 12:31 Matisse Black (11H) 12:37
5 Mackenzie Somerville (7H) 14:43 Lilly Horsburgh (8O) 12:59 Sienna Anderson (8M) 13:13 Bridget Sullivan (10H) 13:06 Amelia Vanderstoep (11L) 12:54 Eliza Douglas (12H) 12:39

Upcoming Meets

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School—Monday 25 March

The event will be held at Sherwood Arboretum, Jolimont Street, Sherwood. A bus will be depart the School at 3.15 pm and girls are required to arrange their own private transport home at 5.30 pm. More information about the meet including the program of events can be found on the Cross Country Page on Parent Portal.

Mrs Kate McCarthy
Cross Country Coordinator