Fencing Update

Like many other sports at Girls Grammar, Fencing had a slightly new set of circumstances to deal with in 2021 following the sudden cessation of the 2020 season. This season, the program had a larger than usual number of girls taking part who had little or no experience with the sport.

Our new and returning fencers displayed a remarkable level of enthusiasm and dedication at training, in introductory competitions, and in the Brisbane School Teams Fixtures. Girls Grammar fielded 12 teams in the School Fixtures, with at least one team in every age category and event. The Year 7 and 8 girls made progress both individually and as a team. By the end of the competition last week, they were fencing at a technical and strategic level that matched far more experienced competitors. The enthusiasm of our new fencers was met and supported by our returning girls, who acted as mentors and role models. Both Captains-elect, Maddie Falting (11B) and Caitlin Brough (11W), and our Year 12 fencers were invaluable with their encouragement and guidance of the younger girls.

Over the six weeks of the Brisbane School Teams Fixtures our girls competed against a range of different schools, both girls and boys and performed above expectations in nearly every event. The School’s final placing was Third overall. In particular, our Intermediate teams of Year 7 students often narrowly lost matches to older and more experienced fencers, and the spirit that the girls showed in competition points to a bright future. A special note also needs to be made of the undefeated Intermediate A Foil team. In addition, several girls began working to become State level referees including two Year 7 girls, Poppy Barry (7R) and Ambre Khosrotehrani (7W).

The achievements and progress of the Fencing girls could not have been made possible without the work of coaches Ms Alexandra Patchen, Ms Caitlyn Bond, Mr Paul Crook and Ms Siobhan Rice. With such a positive 2021, we look forward to welcoming new girls into the sport next year, as the group strives for excellence in Fencing.

Mr Will Bishop

Fencing Coordinator