Head of the River

Last Saturday, 123 Grammar girls competed at the 30th Head of the River at Wyaralong Dam. Twenty-eight Girls Grammar crews raced, of which 12 finished on the podium. Rowers and their families gathered to celebrate a successful year of rowing at the End-of-Season Celebration on Saturday night.


Congratulations to the following rowers on securing podium finishes.


Year 8

Division 1: 3rd
Rowers: Avalon Blundell (8E), Lily Cavallin (8B), Minna Hogarth Howes (8H), Isabelle Skarott (8L) and Ella Valery (8E)
Division 5: 3rd
Rowers: Trish Chow (8H), Annie Liu (8H), Sophie Morrison (8H), Luella Prenzler (8E) and Alyse Stewart (8E)
Division 7: 1st
Rowers: Cara Battaglia (8H), Piper Dean (8O), Matilda Fennon (8W), Hannah Marks (8G) and Jemima Saddler (8H)

Year 9

Division 3: 3rd
Rowers: Isla Fisher (9L), Amelie Gardener (9M), Claudia Parr (9G), Molly Raffel (9R) and Amy Whiting (9E)
Division 5: 1st
Rowers: Tammy Boden (9B), Adelaide Chalmers (9B), Alice Orr (9L), Elizabeth Smith (9M) and Sophia Zhuang (9M)
Division 6: 2nd
Rowers: Lara Elliot (9B), Lily Graham (9W), Eliana Matthews (9G), Scarlett McLellen (9H) and Josephine Willmott (9L)
Division 7: 3rd
Rowers: Amelia DeSouza (9R), Natia Meyers (9H), Ella Munro (9E), Anna Stevens (9B) and Alice Vaughan (9O)
Division 8: 1st
Rowers: Emily Page (9E), Olivia Patane (9O), Isabella Peters (9E), Kate Rollason (9W) and Kira Thapar (9W)

Year 10

Division 1: 1st
Rowers: Nancy Duncan-Banks (10E), Emily Hirst (10G), Tylah Hutton (10B), Sophie Lucas (10O) and Nellie Tilbury (10G)
Division 3: 3rd
Rowers: Samantha Atherton (10L), Olivia Barr (10B), Stephanie Burgess (10E), Portia Cowan (10G) and Sarah Hopkins (10B)

Single Sculling

Year 11 single scull: Elizabeth Macpherson (11L) 3rd
Year 12 single scull: Ellyn Hill (10H) 3rd

A full list of results can be found on the Brisbane Schoolgirls Rowing Association’s website.

Thank you to the Rowing Support Group for their hard work in the months leading up to the Head of the River and support on the day. From loading trailers to catering, the day would not have been possible without the effort of BGGS parents.

Mrs Sally Callie
Rowing Coordinator