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Upcoming Interhouse Cross Country and Parent Volunteer Registration

The annual Interhouse Cross Country at Rangakarra Recreational, Environmental and Education Centre (Rangakarra) will be held next Friday 5 April 2019. It promises to be a great way to complete a fast-paced Term 1.

Cross Country Start Times

15 Years               9.15 am
17 Years               9.30 am
14 Years               9.45 am
Staff                      10 am
12 years               10.15 am
16 Years               10.30 am
13 Years               10.45 am

Girls are to arrive at the School in their sports uniform (shorts or skirt must be worn), black school shoes and formal School hat. Upon arrival, students should go to their allocated House rooms where they will change into House attire and running shoes.

Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students should move to these rooms to change from 7.20 am. Years 7 and 8 should move to the rooms to change from 7.45 am. Any personal items not required at the event should be left in the House room. Rooms will be locked after the girls depart for Rangakarra.

The School will transport girls to the venue by bus. Students wishing to travel directly to Rangakarra will need to submit a signed parental permission letter by Tuesday 2 April 2019 to their House Group Teacher. Students arriving directly to Rangakarra must report to Rangakarra Clubhouse deck on arrival for roll marking.

Buses will park on Sprenger Street and supporters are asked to keep this area free. Parking will be available on surrounding streets and parking officials will direct parents and supporters on the day. Please adhere to their directions.

The School’s P&F Association has generously offered to provide a sausage sizzle for staff and students on the day. Parents wanting to volunteer can register online. Please note, it is not possible to cater for special dietary requirements. Girls should bring snacks, a hat and a drink bottle. Water bottle top-up stations will be available at Rangakarra.

All students will return to the School via bus for the End of Term Assembly and the announcement of the Interhouse Cross Country results.

Ms Jo Duffy
Director of Sport