Interhouse Cross Country Carnival Results

Competition was fierce and spirits were high at the School’s Interhouse Cross Country Carnival, held earlier today.

Staff and students, adorned in colourful House attire, walked or ran the 3km course at Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre. The event concluded with a whole-School War Cry led by Head Girls Martina Marrama (12G) and Jessica McLeod (12M).

Congratulations to Hirschfeld for winning the competition with a score of 298, and to Amelia Hunt (9O) for being named the School Cross Country Champion after completing the 3km course in a time of 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Director of Sport
Ms Jo Duffy

Final House Totals

Place House Points
1st Hirschfeld 298
2nd Mackay 261
3rd Gibson 239
4th Lilley 237
5th Woolcock 228
6th O'Connor 213
7th Beanland 210
8th England 209
9th Griffith 194

Individual Age Champions

Age Group Place Name Time
12 Years and Under 1st Usha Thakur (7W) 12:01:90
12 Years and Under 2nd Zara Davis (7R) 12:14:28
12 Years and Under 3rd Olivia Choo (7B) 12:29:83
13 Years and Under 1st Phoebe Oliver (7G) 11:01:91
13 Years and Under 2nd Clementine Shaw (7L) 11:44:89
13 Years and Under 3rd Darcy Basford (7H) 11:50:65
14 Years and Under 1st Amelia Hunt (9O) 10:30:09
14 Years and Under 2nd Esther McDade (8H) 11:48:54
14 Years and Under 3rd Lily Counsell (9L) 11:58:20
15 Years and Under 1st Poppy Gouldson (9M) 11:00:07
15 Years and Under 2nd Emma Greenwood (9R) 11:34:07
15 Years and Under 3rd Caitlin Brittain (10M) 11:42:35
16 Years and Under 1st Lucinda Sherman (11M) 11:24:88
16 Years and Under 2nd Annabelle Hill (10B) 11:35:45
16 Years and Under 3rd Gia Cayas (11G) 11:59:23
17 Years and Over 1st Isabella Murdoch (12E) 11:35:58
17 Years and Over 2nd Eliza Baulch (12L) 11:47:15
17 Years and Over 3rd Constance Gentner (12G) 11:51:85