Interschool Snowsports Championships

During the recent School holidays, a number of Grammar girls participated in the Northern New South Wales and Queensland Interschools Snowsports Championship at Mount Perisher. The competition attracted 1200 participants from 230 schools. Girls Grammar placed eighth overall in the Secondary Female Championship. Congratulations to Sophie Bizzell (7R), Felicity Smyth (12E) and Mia Williams (12R) on their podium finishes.

Sophia Bizzell (7R) (Div 3)              Bronze Moguls, Bronze Skier X, (Div 1)—Team Gold Alpine

Felicity Smyth (12E) (Div 1)           Silver Skier X, Bronze Alpine, Team Gold Alpine, Team Gold Skier X

Mia Williams (12R) (Div 1)            Bronze Skier X, Team Gold Alpine, Team Gold Skier X

Ms Jo Duffy
Director of Sport

Sophia Bizzell (7R)