QGSSSA Cross Country

On Saturday 11 May 2019, Girls Grammar Cross Country runners competed in the Queensland Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA) Cross Country Championships at Rivermount College, Yatala. The cold and windy conditions made racing difficult however in true Girls Grammar spirit, the entire team demonstrated magnificent sportsmanship to finish in a commendable third place overall.

Head Coach, Mr Tim Franklin, and Assistant Coaches, Mr Elliot McGarry, Mrs Trish Greenland, Mrs Nadine Cameron, Ms Stephanie Johnson, Miss Eugenie MacMillan, Miss Erica Schmelzer, Miss Pip Taylor and Miss Meg Henderson, are to be congratulated on the hard work in preparing the team.

The QGSSSA results can be found on GrammarNet. Congratulations to all girls on their improvements throughout the season. The first five Grammar girls in each age group are to be commended for their outstanding run on the day. Times are listed below.

Mrs Kate McCarthy
Cross Country Coordinator

Overall Placing

1.Brisbane State High School 54
2. St Peters Lutheran College 46
3. Brisbane Girls Grammar School 45
4. Moreton Bay College 44
5. St Margaret’s 38
6. St Aidan's Anglican Girls School 37
7. Somerville House 25
8. St Hilda’s 21
9. Clayfield College 12
10. Ipswich Girls Grammar School 8

Age Group Placings

12 Years 1st
13 Years 2nd
14 Years 3rd
15 Years 4th
16 Years 5th
16 Years 5th
17 Years 6th

Individual Results

12 Years Girls Grammar Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Jemima Morton (7M) 2nd 11:43
Usha Thakur (7W) 7th 11:51
Lilly Wall (7B) 14th 13:14
Zara Davis (7R) 23rd 13:44
Rosie Dodd (7W) 25th 13:49
13 Years Girls Grammar Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Phoebe Oliver (7G) 9th 12:24
Clementine Shaw (7L) 14th 12:39
Amelia Walsh (8B) 18th 13:03
Darcy Basford (7H) 21st 13:13
Tara Mann (7G) 23rd 13:16
14 Years Girls Grammar Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Millie Hunt (9O) 7th 11:36
Lily Counsell (9L) 22nd 12:56
Esther McDade (8H) 24th 13:03
Caroline Vujovic (8M) 28th 13:24
Tia Fitzpatrick (9M) 29th 13:25
15 Years Girls Grammar Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Poppy Gouldson (9M) 8th 12:14
Ellyn Hill (10H) 18th 13:12
Caitlin Brittain (10M) 20th 13:21
Bridget Sullivan (10H) 23rd 13:39
Nellie Tilbury (10G) 28th 13:49
16 Years Girls Grammar Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Sabine Hatzipetrou (10M) 19th 12:52
Annabelle Hill (10B) 23rd 13:13
Gia Cayas (11G) 25th 13:16
Amelia Vanderstoep (11L) 33rd 13:43
Sunday McCullough (10L) 34th 13:43
17 Years Girls Grammar Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Isabella Murdoch (12E) 18th 12:40
Matisse Black (11H) 20th 12:53
Lucia Pafumi (12H) 25th 13:07
Fiona Brown (12G) 27th 13:13
Constance Gentner (12G) 28th 13:18

The Girls Grammar Cross Country Team.