QGSSSA Cross Country

On Saturday 15 May, the Cross Country team competed in the QGSSSA Cross Country Championships at Rivermount College, Yatala. The weather conditions on the day were perfect for running—warm, with no wind. However, the rain earlier in the week led to a very wet and muddy 3km course which made it challenging for the competitors. In true Grammar spirit, the 126 runners that represented the School showed magnificent determination to finish in a commendable third place overall.

Our Head Coach, Mr Tim Franklin, and Assistant Coaches, Ms Sally Callie, Mrs Nadine Cameron, Ms Stephanie Johnson, Miss Pip Taylor, Miss Gia Cayas (2020), Miss Fiona Brown (2020), Miss Isabella Murdoch (2019) and Miss Meg Henderson (2017), are to be congratulated on their hard work to prepare the team.

All QGSSSA results are on Minerva, and all girls should be proud of their improvements throughout the season. A huge congratulations to Zoe McElwaine (8G) and Jemima Morton (9M) for winning their respective age groups.

Mrs Kate McCarthy
Cross Country Coordinator

Overall Placing 2021
Brisbane State High School 57
Moreton Bay College 44
Brisbane Girls Grammar School 43
St Aidan's Anglican Girls School 41
St Margaret's Anglican Girls School 41
St Peters Lutheran College 39
Somerville House 26
St Hilda's School 21
Ipswich Girls' Grammar School 11
Clayfield College 7
Age Group Placings 2021
12 Years 7th place
13 Years 2nd place
14 Years 2nd place
15 Years 3rd place
16 Years 5th place
17 Years 4th place
12 Years BGGS Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Sophie Larsen (7R) 35th 15:44
Deepika Bogahawatta (7W) 44th 16:18
Elizabeth Burke (7O) 46th 16:22
Martha Fomison (7G) 48th 16:30
Fiona Huang (7L) 50th 16:34
13 Years BGGS Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Zoe McElwaine (8G) 1st 11:56
Jessica Patten (7H) 8th 13:10
Kate Greenwood (7R) 18th 13:59
Sophia Anderson (7M) 22nd 14:15
Ă“rlaith Lingard (7B) 26th 14:34
14 Years BGGS Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Jemima Morton (9M) 1st 12:04
Usha Thakur (9W) 11th 13:11
Sophie Hunt (8O) 14th 13:17
Lillian Wall (9B) 15th 13:22
Eliza Hoyling (8O) 22nd 13:52
15 Years BGGS Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Phoebe Oliver (9G) 5th 12:39
Darcy Basford (9H) 10th 13:14
Lilly Horsburgh (10O) 20th 13:57
Tara Mann (9G) 22nd 14:02
Sarah Greenwood (9R) 23rd 14:07
16 Years BGGS Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Lily Counsell (11L) 18th 13:50
Tia Fitzpatrick (11M) 19th 13:58
Ella Coltzau (10R) 22nd 14:01
Sienna Anderson (10M) 23rd 14:09
Kirra Van Nispen (11H) 37th 15:06
17 Years BGGS Top 5 Overall Placing Time
Poppy Gouldson (11M) 15th 13:34
Annabelle Hill (12B) 17th 13:39
Alice Vaughan (11M) 28th 14:25
Emily Sullivan (12L) 29th 14:25
Ellyn Hill (12H) 30th 14:27

The BGGS Cross Country Team

Zoe McElwaine (8G) and Jemima Morton (9M)