Rhythmic Gymnastics holiday training

On Monday 11 July, the 2022 Rhythmic Gymnastics team attended this year’s holiday training. It was a wonderful opportunity for gymnasts of all ages to train together for the first time, practice their skills, and polish their routines. The day ended with a mock performance which helped to strengthen the bond between team members and allowed our younger gymnasts to witness the types of skills and routines they can aspire to in the future. The impressive attendance rate, and enthusiasm during the day, is a testament to the commitment of our team.

Not only did we see an immense improvement in all routines during holiday training, these skills have continued to improve over the last two weeks. Our gymnasts have shown dedication and determination and we know their hard work will serve them well at the QGSSSA Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition. We would like to thank all gymnasts who gave up their last day of holidays to attend holiday training, and we would also like to thank our Coaches. The ongoing guidance and support of our Coaches is greatly appreciated by all gymnasts.

It is not long now until the QGSSSA Competition on Friday 5 August. We wish all gymnasts the very best in their final few training sessions and we look forward to competing with you!

Katherine Chuang (12R) and Milly Maruoka (12R)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Captains