Rhythmic Gymnastics Update

Rhythmic Gymnastics is often characterised by its dance-like rhythmic routines, accentuated by the use of clubs, balls, ribbons, ropes or hoops. At Girls Grammar, we hope to exceed this definition by challenging our gymnasts to develop their strength, flexibility, coordination and teamwork skills. Testament to the School’s strong Rhythmic Gymnastics history, Grammar girls and women have represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games and Olympics. Last year, we witnessed incredible routines from the School’s Gymnasts and we hope to build on this in the 2019 season.

As captains, we are excited to see the 2019 squad learn and develop new skills. With our strong and hardworking team, we hope to see Girls Grammar gymnasts ‘ignite’ as we aim to finish top three of each division.

We are incredibly privileged to work with such talented and knowledgeable coaches, including our Head Coach, Ms Anya Tabolkina, who is also recognised internationally as a judge. This year, 87 gymnasts have been working extremely hard to learn and master their routines. With 12 training sessions already under our belt, gymnasts are continuing to work diligently in preparation for the QGSSSA Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition on Friday 9 August 2019. We wish girls all the best in the lead-up to the competition.

Ashleigh Brant (11G) and Dayle McDonald (11H)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Captains 2019