Success at Golf Championships

Earlier this year, one young Grammar girl achieved well-deserved recognition for her Golf skills. Lizzy Harman (7L) competed in the Golf State Championship after qualifying for the Met North 10–12 Girls Golf Team.

The Championship, held from 28 to 31 March, was unfortunately cut short due to the three-day COVID lockdown in Brisbane. Despite the limited play time, Lizzy completed her age group’s only round as the leading competitor with the lowest score of 41, and Lizzy’s team, Metropolitan North, led the 10–12 overall team event.

From there, Lizzy qualified for the Queensland 10-12 Girls Golf Merit Team for the second year in a row. Although she could not compete in the National event as these events were cancelled due to the pandemic.

We look forward to hearing of her future success on the green.


Q and A with Lizzy Harman (7L)

How long have you been playing golf?

I’ve been playing competitively for the last five years but I first picked up a golf club when I was a two-year-old.

What inspired you to start playing golf?

My Dad and Grandfather introduced me to the game and I have loved it ever since.

What do you love about golf?

I love the way that golf is such a rewarding sport. With golf, the bad round pops up a lot more than most other sports. This drives me to work hard and improve certain parts of my game which need attention. But once the hard work is put in, the results are really obvious and it is such a good feeling when you can have that really good round.

What do you hope to achieve in the sport?

I want to climb up the Junior Rankings and one day represent Australia.

Lizzy Harman (7L) in action at the State Golf Championship

Lizzy Harman (7L)

Lizzy Harman (7L) was just two years old when she first picked up a golf club