Touch Update

Open Touch Report

Last Friday, BGGS competed in the second round of Touch fixtures against St Peters Lutheran College (St Peters) at Rangakarra. The Open game proved to be a great learning experience for all students as many girls had never played together before. While St Peters had the lead early in the game, the BGGS Open team fought back and at the end of the first half, the score was 2-3 to St Peters.

We were determined to win, and did come back and win the second half 2-1, making the final score a draw. While there was slight disappointment, the team acknowledged our strengths and areas for improvements, and we are all ready to return to training and prove what we are capable of as a team.

The game’s intensity taught us the importance of staying calm and playing under pressure, something hard to replicate at training. The past two games we have played as a team have been extremely close in score. Our team’s motivation to train, and subsequently win, has dramatically increased, and we are excited to get back on the field in Term 2.

Quinn Porceddu (12L)
Touch Captain

Senior A Touch Report

Girls Grammar scored the first try in our game against St Peters last week. At half time the score was 2-1 to St Peters, and our coach, Mr Luke Duncan, reassured our team that we could still come back and win the game. From here, all girls were motivated and dedicated to winning.

Zoe Meade (11H) and Sophie Parker (11L) executed a strategic try that evened the score before BGGS managed to score again and win the game 3-2. The hard work displayed by each girl at training was demonstrated through the immense improvement in both attack and defence on the field. Our team focused on performing line attacks, sliding in defence, and setting up plays to score.

While the season has only just begun, the Senior A team is determined to improve and achieve success in next term’s games.

Chanel Molineux (12B)
Touch Captain

Senior B Touch Report

For our most recent touch game, the Senior B team played against St Peters. This was only the second game of the season, and girls played extremely well, with the final score being 3-1 to BGGS. Our team was challenged by St Peters’ strong attacking play, especially in the second half of the game; however, our strong defence managed to prevent them from scoring any tries. The girls displayed outstanding rucking skills, which enabled our team to reach the BGGS try line quickly. Thanks to our amazing coach, Miss Laura Field (2018), and her hard work in preparing our team, the Senior B girls were able to demonstrate our skills and achieve a convincing win.

The Senior B team is excited for the remainder of the season and is looking forward to improving our skills and learning more tactical plays. Our goals include improving our teamwork and on-field performance.

Ella Munro (11E)

10A Touch Report

Last Friday, the 10A team played St Peters at Rangakarra. The game proved an amazing success with a final score of 6-2 to BGGS. Our team went out strong in the first half, using all our new moves learned in training. At half time we encouraged each other to go out hard for the second half of the game. We were certainly tired but pushed each other to stay strong because we knew the opposition would also be tired. One of the many highlights of the game was when Ruby Hindman (10G) intercepted a pass from St Peters and ran the entire length of the field; it was truly amazing to watch. Special mention to Zaya Lee (10R), whose run as dummy half was quite spectacular, and Zaine Mackellar (10W), whose cheering, whether she was on or off the field, helped keep our spirits high.

Despite the score, St Peters proved to be a tough opponent and we had to work hard as a team to accomplish the win. The 10A team are looking forward to the rest of the season, and if we continue using our new skills I do not doubt that our team can come out on top. Go 10A!

Charlotte Parker (10L)

10B Touch Report

Last Friday’s game against St Peters was a great learning experience and provided opportunities to try new skills. Overall, all players worked amazingly as a team to achieve a score of 8-4 to BGGS. A highlight of the game was during the last play after the half-time buzzer when Lucy Richardson (10W) scored an impressive try for the team.

We also saw two new additions to the team last week—Chloe Burke (10H) and Ruby Prance (10R). Despite being their first game for the season, they both managed to score incredible tries, all while providing outstanding assists and a great display of teamwork.

St Peters put up a fight, with strong offensive and defensive strategies. There is no doubt that this season is off to a great start, and the girls are incredibly excited to see how the season unfolds. It will be a great opportunity for us to improve our skills and I am certain we will try our best and have fun. Go 10B!

Grace Freeman (10H)

8A Touch Report

Last week’s game against St Peters was a tough match. We had a challenging start—within minutes, St Peters had scored the game’s first try. However, this only encouraged our team to work harder and practice some of our new skills. Our middle players soon managed to score two tries in quick succession—securing the lead at half-time. In the second half, both teams quickly scored tries, making the score 3-2 to BGGS. Our lead was cemented as another middle player bolted through the gaps, diving and scoring the last try just as the horn blew. The final score was 4-2—well done, Girls Grammar.

I am sure the 8A team is very proud of our efforts, and we hope to keep this up for the rest of the season. Our defence could use some improvement, but our rucking was fast and organised. If we can continue to play as well as we did last Friday, I am sure we will have an amazing season. Go 8A!

Cecilia Ragland (8O)

8B Touch Report

In our most recent game, our opposition gave us a strong contest, which helped encourage us to work harder in both defence and attack. After the first half, the score was tight, but we were determined to win. At the conclusion of the game, we had secured a 4-2 win.

Our team found this game to be a vast improvement from our game the week before, as we were able to move up the field faster and use some movements learned at training. Our team is looking forward to the rest of the season and improving together as a team. Go 8B!

Stella Simmons (8L)

7B Touch Report

Last week, we aimed to run hard and fast when attacking and hold a strong defence throughout the game. This strategy proved successful as we won 10-0. Although the score was not close, St Peters kept us on our toes and maintained their defence throughout the whole game.

A highlight of the game was seeing so many of our team members crossing the try line for the first time this season. Special mention to Poppy McGuire (7E) and Alice Yuille (7L), who scored multiple tries. Our team worked together to support and encourage each other during the game, and I know this will continue throughout the 2021 season as our skills develop and we get to know each other better.

Lucy Wille (7R)