Volleyball Season Concludes

With an unmatched determination and energy, the 2021 BGGS Volleyball squad finished their season in incredible spirits. All teams placed in the top five of their divisions, with five teams—the 7A, 7B, 9B, 10A, and Opens—earning their rightful places on the podium, and the incredible 7As securing their first premiership! The final games of the season were especially competitive and ever exhilarating. The Open team had the audience on the edge of their seats as they claimed victory in the closest-ever five-set game last Saturday.

As Captains, we are immensely proud of every girl for giving their all and vastly exceeding our goals of unity and teamwork, reflected in the squad’s improvement and success throughout the season. Despite the turbulence of quarantine and COVID-19 restrictions, the squad persisted and fought back stronger than ever, and finished the season in true-blue style. We would like to congratulate our fellow Year 12 players for completing your BGGS Volleyball journey—Laura Buttner (12W), Sophie Conias (12R), Annabelle Flintoff (12W), Sarah Giles (12B), Finn Magill (12H), Lucy Myers (12W), Samantha Tang (12L), Giselle Vellnagel (12R), and Rose Whiting (12E).

You have all been a valuable part of BGGS Volleyball.

We’re incredibly grateful to our coaches and co-ordinator, Ms McCorley, as well as all the supporters that came along to our Saturday games. We certainly couldn’t have achieved this season’s success without their unwavering support and dedication.

Lucinda Myers (12W) and Samantha Tang (12L)
Volleyball Captains 2021

2021 Volleyball captains - Samantha Tang and Lucy Myers

Rose Whiting setting