Year 7 Students Discover Volleyball at BGGS

Last week, Year 7 students were invited to participate in a ‘Come and Try’ volleyball event. This long-standing interhouse tradition provides students the opportunity to explore volleyball and learn about the sport prior to the upcoming trials for the QGSSSA season.

During lunchtime, Year 7 students learned the fundamental skills of volleyball—setting and digging—and competed in short, fun games led by senior girls whose support escalated the energy tenfold.

Each Year 7 student displayed immense spirit throughout the two days, creating a fun and enjoyable environment—their enthusiasm and willingness to experiment encouraged girls from different Houses to bond and develop new relationships.

We hope all girls enjoyed their experience and cannot wait to see them at trials in Week 1 and 2 of Term 2. Information about how to sign-on to trials and the upcoming season is available on the Volleyball page on Minerva. For further information, please contact Volleyball Coordinator, Ms Kayley McCorley.

Lucinda Myers (12W) and Samantha Tang (12L)
Volleyball Captains