Co-curricular Drama wrap 2022

Enjoy this wonderfully vibrant highlight reel for Co-curricular Drama 2022. Its dynamic tone fittingly captures the diverse offerings of the opportunities for BGGS students, and it is abundantly clear as to the high level of engagement and enjoyment experienced by all of our young artists as they participated in the range of activities that were offered this year:

  • Senior Drama Production—Abigail’s Coven
  • Year 7 & 8 Drama Production—Charlotte’s Web
  • Year 9 & 10 Drama Production—This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing
  • The Drama Studio—Semester 1 and 2 programs

From the dark, guilt-ridden depths of Abigail Williams’ psyche to the bustling farm where spiders are calligraphy experts, to the globe-trotting experiences of kindred triplets; 2022 saw some magical, mystical, merry, maniacal and malevolent action on the Gehrmann stage.

Thank you to the many cast members, crew, and staff who supported the Co-curricular Drama Productions on the mainstage this year. Special thanks to our Guest Director, Miss Isabella Hall, whose undeniable creative genius successfully invited audiences into the triplets’ colourful global shenanigans.

Throw in a decent dose of The Drama Studio fringe theatre experiences, and the Co-curricular Drama Program seems complete. Working with local industry artists from The Good Room and ImproMafia, The Drama Studio participants led a Verbatim Theatre piece on the geo-political issues of the past, present, and future, improvisation students retold Greek Myths with a modern twist, and musical theatre fanatics spun a tale through song.

It was truly a blessing to have provided such a rich tapestry of offerings for the BGGS community; levity and lunacy were blended to perfection as audiences were able to experience the versatile nature of the Arts and its many performative payoffs.

The Drama Department is excited for 2023 … but for now, relish in the highlights of 2022 below!

Mr Benjamin Dervish-Ali
Drama Teacher and Coordinator of Drama Productions