Year 12 Sustainable Design unit

As part of the Year 12 Design students’ Unit 4 Sustainable Design class, Managing Director of Seljak Brand, Ms Samantha Seljak, provided a guest lecture on her company’s textile recycling process and how they make products that are regenerative by design.

The Seljak Brand believes that ‘waste is a design flaw’ and educates and advocates for the circular economy and climate action. The company’s award-winning, closed-loop blankets are made from recycled merino wool offcuts from the factory floor of Australia’s oldest mill in Tasmania, and post-consumer wool waste at mills in Italy and Lithuania.

The blankets are made to last but unwanted or damaged blankets can be shredded and spun into new yarn to make future blankets. Ms Seljak discussed how the company minimises waste and makes the most of resources with its circular economy approach. Seljak Brand’s closed-loop model allows the company to divert waste from landfill and create a luxurious, useful blanket.

Ms Seljak explained how they are making a social impact as well. For every blanket sold, Seljak Brand donates to the Asylum Seeker Resources Centre, an organisation that helps people seeking asylum and new migrants to feel welcome, safe, and supported in Australia. To date, they have donated more than $26 000 to the ASRC. 

Through Ms Seljak’s presentation, students gained a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, the circular economy, and systems innovation.

Mr Brendan Thomas
Director of Technologies