Health Centre Update

There has been a reported case of head lice in the School.

Parents are requested to check and monitor their daughter’s hair and scalp for signs of itchiness caused by the presence of head lice.

Head lice are most commonly passed from person to person and sometimes from items that have been in contact with hair.

For this reason, we ask you to discourage the sharing of hats, brushes and hair accessories.

Early detection and treatment are important and students may attend school, if effective treatment is commenced before the next day.

Head lice, as with any living creature have a life cycle. Treatment and monitoring will need to be observed for a minimum of four weeks from the first treatment day, to ensure the lifecycle of the louse is interrupted and recurrence does not occur.

Please refer to the Queensland Health fact sheet for further information. For further advice, please contact the Health Centre via 07 3332 1337.