Pedagogy Quote of the Week

Each week, Dr Bruce Addison, Deputy Principal (Academic), shares a quote about issues of relevance to the method and practice of teaching.

Week 10

‘The ultimate source of a happy life is warm-heartedness.’-Dali Lama

As we approach the Christian festival of Easter, a time in which re-birth, hope and renewal are celebrated, remembering the wellspring of humanity that can emanate from warm-heartedness is very appropriate.

Week 9

The events in Christchurch, the aftermath and the leadership of Jacinda Ardern has resonated with all people of goodwill over the last week. The poetry of George Herbert has provided food for thought over the last few days. He wrote a series of poems in 1633 called The Temple: Sacred Poems. They were set to music by the English Composer Ralph Vaughan Williams under a collection entitled Five Mystical Songs. The fifth of these songs, Antiphon, starts with the words:

‘Let all the world in every corner sing!’

Let our world sing with peace—peace in heart, mind and soul! May something good come out of the horror that has been so confronting. Here’s to the genuine and inspirational leadership that the world has been witnessing in recent days.

Week 8

‘Looking up not only lets our brains improvise and play, but it improves our capacity to maintain a focused state of mind—with less effort—so we actually get better at thinking.’

-Kerr, F. & Maze, L. (2019), The Art and Science of Looking Up.

Week 7

‘The whole struggle of life is to some extent a struggle about how slowly or how quickly to do each thing.’

-Nadolyn, S. (1996). The Discovery of Slowness. Penguin Books.

Week 6

‘I am because we are!’ -African proverb

This quote is a wonderful way of thinking about connection and caring—the fundamental essences of schools as agents of community.

Week 5

‘….education—as a societal good—is both a means to participating in public , and a means of creating ‘the public.’-Robertson, S. (2018). Recovering the Political in the Idea of Education as a Public Good—and Why it Matters.

Week 4

‘We must be guardians of a space that allows students to breathe and be curious and explore the world and be who they are without suffocation.’ -Brown, B. (2018). Daring to Lead. Penguin Books Limited.

Week 3

‘Expedience asks the question, ‘‘Is it politic?’’ Vanity asks the question, ‘‘Is it popular?’’ But, conscience asks the question, ‘‘Is it right?’’’-Dr Martin Luther King

Week 2

‘Kind words are a creative force, building relations and securing foundations for growth.’ -Lovasik,L. (1962)., The Hidden Power of Kindness. 

Week 1

‘Learning is more than the acquisition of the ability to think; it is the acquisition of many specialised abilities for thinking about a variety of things.’ -Lev Vygotsky, Psychologist (1978)