Providing for the Safe Return of Staff and Students

In preparing for the return of Year 11 and 12, who will resume on-campus learning next week, and Years 7 to 10 in the coming weeks, the safety and wellbeing of the BGGS community remains a primary concern.

Guided by health and government advice, including Queensland Health, Chief Health Officer’s advice on the return to school, the School will follow protocols as outlined below. In summary, they include intensive and additional cleaning throughout the day, provision of hand sanitiser and wipes in all classrooms, social distancing strategies, such as livestreaming assemblies and no large gatherings, and where possible, making use of natural airflow and ventilation through use of fans and open windows.

Staff will be required to adhere to health/hygiene and social distancing guidelines, be it through minimising  the number of people in staff rooms, making use of larger teaching spaces across the campus, using available cleaning materials to disinfect immediate workspaces prior to class, and if unwell, remaining at home. Teachers will be in the classroom with Year 11 and 12 girls, and continue to teach other year levels remotely until all students return on Monday 25th May.

It is not possible to deliver both face-to-face and remote learning for Years 11 and 12 simultaneously, and therefore remote learning for them will cease next week. For any senior girls who are absent teaches will liaise with them directly, as they would during any period of absence.  We will continue to monitor the situation and review as necessary, understanding that we have some medially vulnerable students and others living with family members in compromised situations and therefore this will be managed case by case.

We acknowledge that the medical advice with regards to children remains inconclusive and while understanding the need for students to return to School as soon as possible, will continue to err on the side of caution.  We ask that our families continue to support us through the cautious and responsible management of their daughters—keeping them at home if they show any symptoms associated with COVID-19–and the School will continue to reinforce with students the need for good health and hygiene practices.

As we prioritise the safety of our loved ones, some parents have asked about the COVIDSafe App and its use across the School. Many families may have downloaded this App, and while this is encouraged it is ultimately a personal decision.  Please be assured that you will continue to receive direct communication from the School, particularly if a case of COVID-19 is detected within the BGGS community. Should this occur, our response will be guided by the advice of health authorities.

The School is thankful to our families for their patience during this protracted period of uncertainty, and hope that next week’s return of Years 11 and 12 brings with it some cautious optimism that things may be getting back to normal, albeit a new iteration of ‘normal’. We look forward to seeing (and hearing) the girls on campus once again; it has been so quiet on campus without them, and we have missed the noise of them enjoying the School day.

Below are some of the protective measures that will be in place:

  • If your daughter is unwell, she must not attend school. If she becomes unwell throughout the School day, the Health Centre will contact parents to come and collect their daughters. If you have any concerns please contact School Nurse, Mrs Debbie James on 33321337.
  • Students will continue to be reminded to be vigilant with hand hygiene.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for student use.
  • Cleaners will be onsite, attending to regular cleaning of surfaces throughout the day.
  • Social distancing measures will include:
    • Virtual school assemblies
    • No school excursions or other large gatherings
    • Where possible, classroom furniture will be spaced out
    • Floor markings for queues e.g. at the School Café
    • Non-contact greetings
    • Our traffic controllers will assist parents in the Drop-off Zone and parents will be asked to remain in their vehicles when dropping off their daughters.
  • The School Café, TuckerUp:
    • Will be open and selling a variety of prepackaged foods (e.g. hot dishes, salads, sandwiches, sushi etc.)
    • Payment via cash will not be accepted at this time so we encourage students to ensure that their Flexischools Account is up to date.
    • Students are welcome to use the Barbara Fielding Room (BFR) but the number of chairs around each large table has been reduced to four.

Other return to School information:

  • Year 11 and 12 students will follow their usual timetable.
  • For any Year 11 and 12 students who are unable to attend school, they will be able to access lesson materials via their class pages on Minerva.
  • The Library will be available to students from 8 am until 4 pm.
  • Some co-curricular offerings will be available for the students.
    • Run-Fit and Row-Fit activities will continue to operate remotely.
    • Instrumental music lessons will be delivered onsite for Years 11 and 12, and will continue to be delivered via Zoom for other grades. Some musical ensembles will be rehearsing using Zoom.
  • Students in Years 7 to 10 wanting to learn remotely from the School should advise Student Reception
  • The Outdoor Education Program has been suspended for the remainder of Term 2. As restrictions ease, we are hopeful it will be able to resume, with an altered program.