Year 11 Social

The Year 11 combined Brisbane Girls Grammar School and Brisbane Grammar School Charity Social will be held at the Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex, on Saturday 27 July. The Charity Social commences at 7.30 pm and concludes at 11 pm.

Students will be supervised by staff from both schools throughout the evening. Parents are asked to collect their daughter by 11 pm.

This annual event is a highlight for Year 11 students. Proceeds from the night support charities selected by each school and this year Girls Grammar will donate their portion of the proceeds to Motor Neurone Disease.

Please remember that the School does not condone or take any responsibility for any post-Social gatherings.

If you have any questions about the Year 11 Social, please contact Year 11 Coordinators, Mrs Hazel Boltman or Ms Alysia Stark on 3332 1300.

Mrs Hazel Boltman
Head of Gibson House and Year 11 Coordinator