Year 7 50-days celebration

On Wednesday, the Year 7 cohort joined with their Year 12 buddies to celebrate the Year 7s completion of their first 50 Days at BGGS. The girls enjoyed a picnic of snacks and baked goods brought by their buddies for the occasion and had their photos taken at a decorated photo wall. Each Year 7 girl was gifted a ‘50 days’ ribbon to wear on the celebratory day and a 50 days certificate. While the successful event was organised by the Year 7 Prefects, it would not have been possible without the assistance of the Year 7 Coordinators, Mrs Callie and Mrs Cross.

The Year 7 cohort—although relatively new to the Grammar sisterhood—have immersed themselves in BGGS sport, music, and the arts with enthusiasm, and blazed the blue with their School spirit. It was wonderful to celebrate the start of their Grammar journey together and we look forward to watching them grow as the year continues.

Josephine Richards (12G) and Amelie Mitchell (12G)
Year 7 Prefects