Updated School App

The BGGS App has now been updated to provide additional functionality to continue to meet the needs of our School community.

Parents, staff and students are asked to update their version of the BGGS App (if their device does not automatically do so) to access these new features, including:

  • individualised App homepage: when logged into the new App, it will recognise whether you are a BGGS parent, student or staff member, and provide you with relevant information
  • login requests: the new App reduces the need to log in to School systems
  • timetable: parents now have access to their daughter’s timetable information in the App
  • design: the updated App retains the same look and feel of the previous version, with some minor updates and changes to improve user experience
  • Minerva (staff and students): BGGS staff and students will have direct access to Minerva via the new BGGS App
  • news: all School news can now be viewed in one area—‘News’—as it is released. This replaces the PDF of ‘Daily Notices’, which was compiled and shared at the end of the School day.

The new App continues to provide quick and easy access to commonly requested information such as assessment and results, timetables, and School information such as newsletters, maps and contact details.

The App can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. For details on how to download the App, please visit the School website.

For enquiries or concerns, please contact the IT Department.