The University of Queensland Chinese Writing Competition 2022

This year, 10 of our Chinese language students participated in The University of Queensland Chinese Writing Competition 2022. There were more than 100 entries in this competition which is held annually among schools across Queensland. Students write their submissions on topics provided by the University that range from 50 characters in Year 8 to 1000 characters in Year 12.

Three of our students received the following awards:

  • Year 11-12 Native Speaker section first place: May Wu (11H)
  • Year 10 Native Speaker section third place: Elizabeth Yan (10G)
  • Year 9 Non-native Speaker section ‘Merit’: Allie Na (9H)

These students will receive a certificate and a prize provided by the School of Languages and Cultures and the Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland.

All students who entered the competition should be very proud of their efforts, and we hope to see even more students participating next year. Congratulations again to all students who participated in the competition!

  • Charlotte Andersen (8R)
  • Elodi Hsu (9M)
  • Anna Mikli (10H)
  • Allie Na (9H)
  • Elena Wang (9O)
  • Vicky Zhang (10R)
  • Elizabeth Yan (10G)
  • May Wu (11H)
  • Susie Shen (11O)
  • Emma Armitage-Ho (12R)

Mrs Paula Quinn
Head of Chinese

Ms Lu and Allie Na (9H)

Ms Lu and Elizabeth Yan (10G)

Elizabeth Yan (10G) and May Wu (11H)