From the International Studies Classroom

At Girls Grammar, students studying a language participate in a range of listening and reading comprehension and speaking and writing tasks, that equip girls to immerse themselves in authentic texts and contribute to group communication activities. Girls are exposed to a range of speaking tasks in the classroom including writing and presenting original dialogues, role-plays, and debating and discussing particular topics for a specified time period in front of their peers.

Extension activities such as speech competitions align with these learning activities and are an excellent tool for girls to practice their speaking and gain feedback. The Modern Language Teachers Association of Queensland hosted a Secondary and Open Speech Competition for Language students at Griffith University on Sunday 4 August. A number of Grammar girls nominated to participate at the end of Term 2 and have since been very busy preparing their speeches.

There were approximately 440 competitors, including 180 students from Japan. Students presented their speeches in the morning and award recipients were invited to a ceremony in the afternoon. Congratulations to the following students on finishing in the top three of their division:

  • Lillian Sperling (8W)—1st in Year 8 French
  • Samantha Tang (10L)—2nd in Year 10 Japanese
  • Lata Warner (10R)—3rd in Year 10 French
  • Lisa Chang (11E)—1st in Background Speaker (Open)
  • Viktoria Palka (11H)—1st in Year 11 French

Thank you to Head of Japanese, Ms Sanae Leone, Head of French, Mr Fabrice Alleaume, and Japanese teacher, Ms Renae Davis, for their of support and involvement in, the competition.

Ms Susan Garson
International Studies

Samantha Tang (10L) and Lata Warner (10R)