From the Japanese Classroom

Year 7 Japanese students have been enjoying fun Japanese games, food sampling and cultural activities during lunch times to consolidate their Japanese knowledge. Japanese Club is held on Tuesday lunchtimes in C401 and all Year 7 students are welcome.

In Year 10 Japanese, students have had the opportunity of incorporating Obento into their learning. Obento, or box lunches, are one part of Japanese food culture. Students have been learning about communities, schools and homes and how preparing an Obento and eating out of the house features prominently in the lifestyles, leisure, and education of Japanese people.

To prepare an Obento, students researched appropriate containers and different kinds of food arrangements to create an attractive Obento box.

While the Year 10 Japanese students have being creative in class, Year 11 students have focussed on the contribution of Japanese culture to the world. They enjoyed having the opportunity to use their language skills in a real-world environment during a visit to a Japanese restaurant, recognising culturally appropriate table manners and protocol, including ordering meals in Japanese.

Mrs Sanae Leone
Head of Japanese

Year 10 students have been learning about and preparing Obento, or Japanese box lunches